Monday, September 3, 2007


Welcome to Mr. Hatten's Edina High School English 10 blog.


Colin said...

here's my blog:

-Colin M.

kendall-english10 said...

Here's my blog:

-Kendall E.

Maria Blanek said...

hey mr. Hatten, here's my awesome blog:

Maria B.

mike k said...

My blog is:

**Please read the last post because the first one I wrote has spelling errors in it and I'm not sure how to delete that post.

~Mike K.

Tommy T. said...

Hey Mr. Hatten

-Tommy T

Shane said...

heres my URL

-Shane C. (2nd hour)

amalj said...

here's my blog:

olivea said...

finally made my blog today during class on my cell phone. just kidding. but seriously


lilsmokey said...

this is emmanuel 5hour

yes yes