Sunday, September 30, 2007

Outside Reading: Week 2

For week 2:

1) Post a short summary of the second section of your book. This should be one or more paragraphs and be similar to a Sparks Notes or Cliff's Notes version of the pages covered. Make sure the summary makes it so someone who has not read your book might understand the reading in a conversation.

2) Find 10 "loaded words" (words used for extreme emotional effect; strong connotation words) in your reading.
- List the word
- Identify the page the word came from
- Explain why you feel the word is loaded and its intended connotative feeling
- Predict why the author chose that specific word

3) Write a journal post of your reaction to the reading for this week.

DUE: Sunday, September 30, 2007

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Jakerzz said...

This section is pretty much the meeting between between him and posh spice. The way he contacted posh the first time was through a letter. My favorite quote from his letter is, "Dear Posh Spice. You don't know me but I have this very strong feeling that, if we could meet somehow, I think we'd get on really well." Then they met. Then they got married.
LOADED WORDS: pretend, support, wined and dined, briefly, nervously, supporter, embarrassed, shamed, devastated,critisize