Sunday, September 30, 2007

Outside Reading: Week 1

For your outside reading project, divide your book into six similarly lengthed segments. If your book is 300 pages, you would have roughly six 50-page sections. If you have 24 chapters, you would divide it into four chapters each.

These pieces are the prescribed reading for individual weeks. We have six weeks to do the project. It is due October 24, 2007.

You may work ahead if you choose. Your posts, however, must be dated on or before the date due.

Have fun!

For week one:

1) keep an in-depth summary of your reading of the first section of your book. These summaries should be equal to a sentence or two per page and typed into your blog posting.

2) post your feelings, reactions, predictions and discussions of the first section in your blog written as a journal entry.


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