Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mr. Hatten's muddy car

You asked for the pictures.

Here they are (remember, I drove 20 miles on highway before this was taken, so a lot of mud fell off before the picture):

Friday, October 12, 2007

Outside Reading: Final

This assignment is for the final portion of your outside reading memoir.


Post 1: Summarize your final part of the book.

Post 2: Two options

Option 1) In this post, write a literary review of your memoir (essay): What was the message and point of the memoir? Why did the author write it? What imagery, tone, word choice, and figurative language did the author use to make his/her point? Include several passages from the text (quotes, paraphrases and examples) to make your point.

Option 2) This option will be discussed in class Wednesday, October 24. It involves using mind maps to create a literary analysis of your memoir. A link to the handout is on the class webpage.

Outside Reading: Week 5

This assignment is for part 5 of your outside reading memoir.


Post #1: Read two other students' blogs and comment on their blog about their level of insight in regards to their memoir, their blog in general and also something they could improve upon. If two comments have been submitted for a blog, go on to a different blog to comment.

Post #2: Summarize part 5 of your outside reading memoir book. Also, write a personal reaction to the reading of part 5 that is 200 words or more.

Outside Reading: Week 4

This assignment is for part 4 of your outside reading memoir.


Post #1: As we did in class with The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, find one or two quotes from your memoir that you find compelling or telling of the tone of the story. Write the quote in your post, attribute it to the author, cite the page and the title of the book. Next, explain why that quote is so important to the book and struck you as so important.

Post #2: Summarize part 4 of your outside reading memoir book.